Mapping the stadium


GoPro Omni 360 video rig


So far, I’ve been immersing myself in Sports Science literature and techniques, learning how player performance is tracked, measured and interpreted.

Next week, I’ll be using a technique called stereophotogrammetry to create a 3D model of the SCG using an array of 6 GoPro Heros in a rig called the Omni.

By taking a few thousand still images from the grounds of the SCG, I’ll use special software to stitch together a 3D model of the stadium.

From here, I’ll be able to use the architecture of the stadium as a scaffold for some interesting immersive experiments with the GPS performance data I’ve been able to access from AFL players.

After this, I’ll start collecting data about sporting crowds, including audio, video and other forms of measurement, before thinking about ways to combine and cross-reference this data with player performance metrics in an immersive environment.


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